Wireless technology is everywhere: We can send and receive e-mails anywhere, answer cell phones through car dashboards and get directions from satellites while driving. But planners have barely scratched the surface as far as incorporating the power of wireless communication into events.

nTag has just released its newest line of interactive name badges, wireless devices they call "wearable technology." With the badge system, organizers have the ability to contact all attendees simultaneously or to single out single people for urgent messages. Selling messaging rights to exhibitors is another potential sponsorship source.

The tag also benefits attendees, allowing them to network and exchange electronic business cards with the push of a button, and keep an updated version of the agenda with them at all times. In sessions, attendees can respond to speakers’ polls, brainstorm and ask questions in real time. Surveys can be sent and returned instantly.

At the end of the event, all captured responses are analyzed for organizers. Any information collected by attendees can be printed out or e-mailed to them.


Update January 22, 2009: nTag filed for bankrupcy near the end of Dec. 2008.