What exactly can convention and visitors’ bureaus do for meeting planners? How can they save you time and money? And what is their future role in the events industry? Join our panel of experts as they talk about the old-school and new-school benefits of tapping into this free planning resource.

This 40-minute video is part of our 2010 Knowledge Series, an educational series of casual conversations on important planning topics designed to be consumed during your lunch hour. Click here for the schedule of tapings. If you have questions you’d like to submit for a specific topic, or if you’re interested in being on one of the panels, let us know.


In this video:

0:00-1:31: Introduction

1:32-2:00: How to find destinations

2:01-2:43: Why choose CVBs?

  • CVB Services
  • Added values of CVBs
  • Memebership CVBs vs. Free CVBs

11:58-17:02: CVBs going above and beyond
17:02-19:17: Small Town CVBs vs. Large City CVBs

  • CVB Collaboration
  • Poor CVB Service

22:53-24:30: What to expect from CVBs

  • Easier future relationships

25:17-34:15: Future of CVBs

  • Hybrid Events
  • Social Media & CVBs

38:39-43:39: Closing