It began with pillow choices. Then customized iPod playlists. Now some olfactory-inclined hotels are catering to customers with “fragrance butlers.” The New York Times reports that scent servants were introduced at eight Rosewood properties at the first of the year. Rosewood has hotels in Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States.

Each fragrance menu is apparently tailored to the hotel. New York’s Carlyle, for example, offers “elegant, old world-y” colognes. Other participants include the Mansion on Peachtree in Atlanta, Hotel Georgia in Vancouver and the Corniche in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

It works like this: You call the front desk to request the service and a “butler” comes to your room with a variety of fragrances on a silver tray. You spray, sniff and choose. The initiative is aimed at business travelers who use only carry-on luggage and, as such, must follow TSA rules about what liquids are permissible, in what quantities and in what types of containers.

So, does this smell like a winner? Or a nightmare for the allergy-prone?