Traveling from conference to conference, you need more than just stamina. You need to stay connected, keep your electronics juiced up and have a dongle for every occasion. No idea what a dongle is or what you should keep in your emergency AV kit? In this brief video, chief AV girl Midori Connolly shares the items she never leaves home without.

Here’s a transcript, if you’d rather read than watch: Troubleshooting AV, Part I

Hey guys, it’s Midori, your friendly chief AV girl, and today I just wanted to share with you a few things that make my life easier, because I have been to so many conferences and trade shows and all these other great events.

People always ask what type of things I carry in my AV girl kit. Some of these may be helpful to you, so I’m just going to go through the whole little shebang of what I carry around.

So the first thing I tend to carry around are chargers. If you’re like me, you have an iPad an iPhone, a computer and any number of items. Obviously you need a lot of chargers. I use a lot of these little cord locks. Some people call them cord keepers or other things. They just wrap around and keep things nice and neat in your little kit or purse or whatever it may be.

You’ll see me pulling out my cord and charging up at a bar. So if you ever need a charge in a nightclub, I’m the one to find.

I have more of those, so let Plan Your Meetings know if you’d like some (in the comment field for this story), and I’d be happy to send some to you. They’re very pink and cute because, of course, we’re AV girls, we’re not AV guys!

If your speaker is presenting from Macs, which more and more of us are doing, you need an adapter. In funny terms, these are called “dongles.” I know, it’s crazy and every time people hear that, they get a little giggle (it’s kind of fun). But these are adapters that help today’s projectors connect to a Mac. I also have a DVI so I can plug into a different kind of adapter.

These are good to have. If you rent them from an AV company, they’ll often charge you $30 to $50 a day. This one, you’ll see, is for an iPad because, these days, and I’ll tell you a little bit about that later, you can actually present from your iPad wirelessly with the new iOperating system.

I also have Sharpies. I have an ox cable, if you need to plug into any kind of stereo to play music, this is a really, really handy cable to have. I even like it for the car, when I’m in the rental car, when I want to listen to music, I can just plug it into my iPhone and play music.

Of course, there’s the requisite eight or so USB sticks, there are always tons of those. And I’ve got an iPod shuffle just in case you need some emergency walk-in music and more of these sticks, more cables. Oh — and here’s an USB cable: These are always really handy to have because people always need to connect to different devices through USB. And again, I have like eight more of these little USB sticks in here.

This is another really cool thing to have: It’s a power stick. And the way that this works is that you plug it into a computer and it charges and it comes with all these different adapters, so it’s like emergency power in a USB stick. It’s like emergency power for your  mobile device. It also can charge cameras. So it’s a really handy little thing. They run $40 to $50, don’t take long to charge and charge your device in an emergency situation where you must have power.


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