Meet BOB. More specifically, BOBtv.

The acronym stands for the Best of Business Television, a new global online platform for the event marketing industry that bXb Online is developing as part of its focus on creating face-to-face events through online stories and experiences.

“Like that trusted colleague we all have in our lives, BOBtv will be the place business consumers can turn to for what they need, when they need it,” bXb Online founder Tony Lorenz, CMM, explained. “Face-to-face events have been and always will be the best means by which business professionals engage with each other. BOBtv will extend the power of face-to-face events to much wider global audiences in real time and on demand.”

Using feedback from more than 300 industry leaders, bxb identified a need for associations and commercial event owners to turn their events into open platforms for year-round engagement and revenue generation.

BOBtv also has created a partnership with Exhibit Survey Inc., in order to have the best content strategy. Focusing on audience reach, visitor quality, sales and marketing acceleration, visitor experience and tactical execution, the partnership has the chance to be a game-changer, say those involved.

BOBtv will continue to be developed through 2012, with an expected launch in the first quarter of 2013. Details HERE, or follow @BOBtvbiz on Twitter.

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