Innovation doesn’t die once you turn 40.

We’ve all read stories about people under the age of 40 who have done great things. That’s awesome, and we should applaud them. But it overlooks the people who have context, background and knowledge of the industry and are still breaking new ground.

Who are the meeting professionals over the age of 40 who inspire you? Who are your mentors?

We asked our Facebook friends, and they gave us this list. The PYM staff added a few more names, and we’ve listed them in alphabetical order here. Out of respect for their privacy, we haven’t included links to LinkedIn profiles, their companies or anything of a personal nature. That’s also because we’ll be doing in-depth profiles of people from this list and sharing why their peers consider them so innovative in the months to come (and who wants to click on 69 links in a row?).

Tell us: Did we miss anyone? Is there someone on this list that you’d like to see profiled on PYM? Is there someone on this list that you’d like to interview yourself? Let us know by commenting below! We’ll begin to post profiles next month.

PYM’s 40+ over 40 list of innovative meeting professionals (so far…)

  1. Rob Abraham
  2. Tanya Andrade
  3. Chris Arrendondo
  4. Corbin Ball
  5. Mitchell Beer
  6. MaryAnn Bowbrow
  7. Terri Breining
  8. Gina Broel
  9. Dr. Heather E Burton
  10. Susan Reddy Butler
  11. Michael Cheever
  12. Midori Connolly
  13. Laurel Coote
  14. Lou Cozzo
  15. King Dahl
  16. Joan Eisenstodt
  17. Tahira Endean
  18. Mary Fehrnstom
  19. Howard Feiertag
  20. Steven Foster
  21. Wendy Foster
  22. Marti Fox
  23. Judi Froehlich
  24. Jenise Stout Fryatt
  25. Ray Hansen
  26. Longley Heath
  27. Gregg J. Herning
  28. Tyra Warner Hilliard
  29. Jeff Hurt
  30. Keith Johnston
  31. Donna Kastner
  32. Steve Kemble
  33. Kate Kerner
  34. Beverly Kinkade
  35. Rosealea Lee
  36. Steve Lowe
  37. Dave Lutz
  38. Mike Mason
  39. Charles Sloan Massey
  40. Mike McAllen
  41. Peter Metz
  42. Toni Miller
  43. Jim Monroe
  44. Dan Parks
  45. Kelly Peacy
  46. Elizabeth Pinkham
  47. Kevin Priger
  48. Mary Power
  49. Katie Quigley
  50. Lynn Randal
  51. Dawn Rasmussen
  52. Karen Reul
  53. Kim Reynolds
  54. Roger Rickard
  55. Paula Rigling
  56. Gary Rosenberg
  57. Paul Salinger
  58. Doris Sklar (deceased)
  59. Claire Smith
  60. Tom Smith
  61. Tracey B. Smith
  62. Joanna Powell Smith
  63. James Spellos
  64. Patty Stern
  65. Tracy Stuckrath
  66. Shawna Mulay Suckow
  67. Lenny Talarico
  68. Erin Thompson
  69. Marla L. Watson
  70. Tania Weidick
  71. Jimi Willis

Do you know any of the people mentioned? Share with us how they’ve inspired you.