We think of our PYM LIVE Events as a way to put ideas into motion. At each event, we’re trying something new and figuring out new ways to maximize the value of the time our attendees spend with us.

At our March 6 event at 200 Peachtree Special Events & Conference Center, some of the things we’re playing with are unconventional room sets, new trade show formats, livestreaming education, networking conference apps and augmented reality scanners.

One of the reasons why we chose Topi as our conference app is because we can embed the public chat room on our website and it archives the conversation for us. From 2:30 to 6 p.m. this will act as a live feed. If you tag your tweets using #yaypym, we’ll be able to see your comments in here as well.

Our educational content will be streamed live from our YouTube channel from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. ET. After the event, it will be available on-demand.

So here’s the live feed of our event chatter.

And here’s a Storify recap of the event’s social media chatter.

A moving events laboratory at PYM LIVE Atlanta

Our March 6 event at 200 Peachtree was a beautiful illustration of our PYM LIVE philosophy: Give planners an experience that is filled with new ideas, innovative technology and education and allows them to learn while testing out new formats and meeting trends. Here’s a recap.

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Wait till you see what we have in store for you at @PYMLIVE Atlanta: New apps, ideas+..? Join us! http://ow.ly/ibc87 #yaypym #eventprofsPYMLive
Register and bring your best smile!~Need a professional headshot for your social media profile? Amusement Masters will have a photo booth at our PYM LIVE Atlanta event tomorrow. 23 hours left to register! http://pymatl.eventbrite.com/Amusement Masters
Looking forward to our 1st PYM event March 6! Getting the word out to meeting planners about our great venue! #YAYPYMMansour Center
We’re doing a membership drive at next week’s @PYMLive on March 6 — hope you can join us! #yaypym http://ow.ly/ibDKBGMIC Atlanta
Thanks barista for the little latte rose. It is a sweet day. It’s almost time for @PYMLive Atlanta! #yaypym http://pic.twitter.com/fyr0KIG0DfPYMLive
About to start!!!! #yaypymPYMLive
Wishing u lots of luck!! :) RT @PYMLive: Getting tech set up for @pymlive Atlanta! #yaypym http://4sq.com/Zg2EycEmilie Barta
Planner name badges for @PYMLive Atlanta #yaypymVanessa
Productive morning with @fuseboxme now back to the city for @pymlive #yaypymTish Davis
@PYMLive @LisaKraus @StayInSavannah @topi @tylersavannahga #yaypym we will be there.Tess Vismale, CMP
Can’t wait 2 see u! Don’t forget 2 load @topi “@EventSitters: Productive morning with @fuseboxme now back to the city for @pymlive #yaypym”PYMLive
Hangin @200Peachtree for the @PYMLive event! #YayPYM (@ 200 Peachtree w/ @pymlive) http://4sq.com/14u4v5lEncore Atlanta
RT @EncoreAtlanta: How pretty is @200Peachtree?! #YayPYMhttp://twitpic.com/c962gyLisaKraus
Hoping to bump into @sarahatlanta this afternoon @pymlive #yaypymTish Davis
“@EventSitters: Hoping to bump into @sarahatlanta this afternoon @pymlive #yaypym” yay I’m here!! @200peachtreeSarah Day
“@PYMLive: @EventSitters @sarahatlanta Can’t wait to see you later today. Be sure to download @Topi before you come! #yaypym” @200peachtreeSarah Day
@PYMLive @topi #yaypym done. I love itTess Vismale, CMP
So much fun seeing people connect on topi. We had 35 at the height! #yaypym http://instagr.am/p/WiVJQCMI2c/PYMLive
Awesome!!!! RT @eventsitters: @PYMLive @topi @FuseboxME I downloaded it before I even got out of bed! Lol #yaypymPYMLive
What a great location for today’s @PYMLive Atlanta event! 200peachtree #yaypym http://instagr.am/p/Whb4TLxms0/Vanessa
Great Venue, perfect place for the Plan Your Meetings Event! 200 Peachtree #yaypym http://pic.twitter.com/WIv9WDatC3Katja Morgenstern
At @PlanYourMeetings @PYMLive today! Great program! #yayPYMDolce Inc.
At @PlanYourMeetings @PYMLive today! Great program! #yayPYMSensational Baskets
Thank youuuu! RT @dolcesbaskets: At @PlanYrMeetings @PYMLive today! Great program! #yayPYMPlan Your Meetings
wendifreeman and I are at the PYM event! #yaypym http://instagr.am/p/WhuRUilvP6/Jordan Castardi
#yaypym (@ 200 Peachtree w/ 5 others) http://4sq.com/YzcptkiCocoDiva (CocoDiva)
At 2:30pm we’ll be streaming live from @PYMLIVE Atlanta our educational session "Moving the Needle" http://youtu.be/7mif1aj0fAw #yaypymPYMLive
If you’d like to watch the education, you can by clicking the video below. It’s also archived on our YouTube page.
Moving the Needle with Gregg Herningplanyourmeetings
Moving the Needle with Gregg Herning: http://youtu.be/7mif1aj0fAw?a via @YouTubePYMLive
@PYMLive @topi #yaypym done. I love itTess Vismale, CMP
@pymlive Let the innovative sparks fly! #yaypymPlan Your Meetings
A great teacup centerpiece 200peachtree for the @PYMLive event #yaypym http://instagr.am/p/WlHKMtxmv4/Vanessa
One of the amazing centerpieces from 200peachtree #yaypym http://instagr.am/p/WlGjodRmu6/Vanessa
Planner name badges for @PYMLive Atlanta #yaypym http://instagr.am/p/Wi_zYPxmrt/Vanessa
200 Peachtree Events Center Atlanta #yaypym #eventplanning http://pic.twitter.com/TOTwS0bjbMTara Vice
The whole venue was breathtaking. But the planners really loved the thought that went into the centerpieces.
Beautiful, repurposed centerpieces using Atlanta area items. #yaypym creative! http://pic.twitter.com/GIWbPBcN06Katja Morgenstern
One of the amazing centerpieces from @200peachtree #yaypymVanessa
A great teacup centerpiece @200peachtree for the @PYMLive event #yaypymVanessa
They also appreciated the little touches, like the unexpected room set-up for the educational session and how they were welcomed into the event.
@PYMLive Enjoying our front "couch" seats and our peach schnapps champagne! Great event thus far! #yaypymAlliance MIE
enjoying great food and exhibits #yaypymBecky Kincaid
What beautiful people. What a beautiful event. Thank you 200peachtree. #yaypym http://instagr.am/p/WiVkTbsI29/PYMLive
Then it was time to “Move the Needle” with Gregg Herning of the Peabody Orlando.
We have formed our own brand via Gregg Herning #yaypymVanessa
Gregg Herning of @peabodyorlando’s presentation was awesome. (And he literally is a rock star) #gmoney… http://instagr.am/p/WiVXXDsI2v/PYMLive
We had some surprise guests!
Everybody loves the Peabody ducks! #yaypym http://pic.twitter.com/Pzd6PP1gTJYvette Barton
The Peabody Hotel’s Parade of the Ducks #yaypym #eventplanning http://pic.twitter.com/1Gr64QHey4Tara Vice
We were treated to a surprise from the @peabodyorlando ducks today! #yaypym http://instagr.am/p/Widz1pTCEs/LisaKraus
We love the @peabodyorlando ducks!! #yaypym http://pic.twitter.com/YP2fmTHmaSVanessa
@planyrmeetings Thx for having us! The Ducks loved going on the road for @PYMLiveThe Peabody Orlando
Surprise! The @PeabodyOrlando ducks made a special visit @PYMLive Atlanta event! #yaypym #ducks http://instagr.am/p/WiYYP1Rmgh/Vanessa
I think the ducks are sad they have to leave so soon. #YayPYM http://via.me/-a9rf5pcAmusement Masters
@southernessyank the ducks love traveling, especially to @PYMLive!The Peabody Orlando
#yaypym CUTE! http://pic.twitter.com/wYPv87CXE6kimlowe
They made a huge impression @PeabodyOrlando: @planyrmeetings Thx for having us! The Ducks loved going on the road for @PYMLive #yaypymPYMLive
@pymlive great pic of our rock star! thx for sharing – we loved being with you all.The Peabody Orlando
@PeabodyOrlando. He pointed at me at just the right moment! Great timing! #yaypymPYMLive
Gregg Herning had some great tips on how to reclaim your work life so you can actually be more effective.
Do we prioritize efficiently? #yaypymVanessa
“@PYMVanessa: Do we prioritize efficiently? #yaypym” <- it’s so hard for people esp at workPYMLive
"We lost the art of imagining because we do not take time to think." Gregg J. Herning #yaypymTara Vice
Schedule think time. #YayPYMLori Harbin
We are a society that doesn’t have time to stop & think. #yaypymVanessa
Schedule time to think. #yaypymVanessa
@PYMVanessa So true, Vanessa. I’d add we often don’t make the time to stop & think. Ur comments will inspire our class theme 2nite! #yaypymConference Yoga
"Identify everything and every person that steals valuable time in getting things done." Gregg J. Herning #yaypym #eventplanningTara Vice
We have enough historians. We need a pioneer. #yaypymPYMLive
Yup…my inbox is a tsunami. Not sure I can only check twice a day. Maybe once an hour. #YayPYMLori Harbin
Totally taking @peabodyorlando advice and putting an out of office memo on my email that redirects people to call. #yaypymPYMLive
“@YvetteBartonCMP “@loriharbin Yup…my inbox is a tsunami. Not sure I can only check twice a day. Maybe once an hour. #YayPYM””MINE 2!!Tess Vismale, CMP
"It’s the morning hours that we are most productive… It’s because we move the needle" via Gregg Herning #yaypymVanessa
"It’s the morning hours that we are most productive." Per Gregg Herning {Agree!} #yaypymLisaKraus
hoorah! RT @lisakraus: "Bust through mediocrity!" #yaypymPlan Your Meetings
COI = Circle of Influence! #yaypymVanessa
Do you know your COI? That’s your circle of influence. #yaypym You can’t have a strong COI if you live in a silo.LisaKraus
"Concentrate on your COI (circle of influence)." Gregg J. Herning #yaypym #eventplanningTara Vice
Give yourself an honest rating. What are you worth? #yaypymVanessa
Then it was time for our speed-dating trade show. People loved the format.
Great conversations @PYMLive Atlanta! @HiltonStCharlea #yaypym @ 200 Peachtree http://instagr.am/p/Wh81MgxmtU/Vanessa
Connections being made @PYMLive! http://StayinSavannah.com / http://StayinAtlanta.com #yaypym http://pic.twitter.com/6GSGSOJWSPVanessa
Ducks! @PeabodyOrlando Rubber ducks! Did you get yours? #yaypym http://pic.twitter.com/yyWYeyuuqgVanessa
What a wonderful event. Thank you all so much for joining us! Don’t forget to download PYM+ and add your @Topi friends before u go #yaypymPYMLive
What beautiful people. What a beautiful event. Thank you 200peachtree. #yaypym http://instagr.am/p/WiVkTbsI29/PYMLive
Many thanks all our amazing partners & planners for being a part of @PYMLive Atlanta!! #yaypymVanessa
Had so much fun with everyone today! Thank you @200peachtree for your amazing hospitality. #yaypymLisaKraus
So much fun! See you in Sept! RT @PYMVanessa: Many thanks all our amazing partners & planners for being a part of @PYMLive Atlanta!! #yaypymPYMLive
2 down. 10 more events to go. Will we be in a town near you? 
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