As hard as it is to admit, we don’t know everything. Whether you’re looking for an innovative meeting format for your next event, recommendations on places to stay for a traveling speaking engagement, or simply a recipe for your housewarming party, it’s amazing how much you can learn by asking your peers.

In the “old” days, you’d call up a friend and ask for advice. These days, with the help of social media and the Internet, you can crowdsource wisdom from many sources.

Here are a few ways I’ve used to find advice from my peers using social media:

Facebook. When traveling somewhere that I’ve never been, I ask my Facebook friends for recommendations. The great thing about social media is that you can connect with people from all over the world. If I’m traveling to Austin, Texas, for an event, I can get feedback from people who live there as well as people all around the world who have traveled there. It gives me a really well-rounded view of hotels, places to eat and best practices when visiting the area.

Web searching. Sources like Yelp, Quora, Pinterest, etc., are a great way to find out what people think about a particular topic. Whether you’re asking a question or just looking to find an innovative idea, sites like these are helpful, with wisdom from people you do and don’t know. This is a great way to find the next big idea but also a great way to network.

SurveyMonkey and other polling tools. Whether you use SurveyMonkey or another surveying tool, sometimes it’s easiest for you to just put out some of your thoughts and have people vote on them. There are many sites that make this process simple for those answering your questions and for you to assess the data. I’ve done this for blog posts I wanted to write or content for upcoming events. It’s a great way to make sure your content is interesting, informative and engaging to your audience.

Twitter chats. I first got involved with Twitter chats about three years ago, and they have been one of the most informative experiences of my online life. Twitter chats are a great way to join a community that’s already engaged in discussion about a topic that interests you. I’ve learned so much about innovative ways to market my business, share content at events, engage attendees and more. Chats are a great way to learn from experts in the industry.

I’m excited to see what products pop up this year that will let us continue harnessing the wisdom of our peers. These are amazing times, and I hope you’re taking full advantage of all the tools that help you learn from those around you.