We’re glad you asked. Our print and digital PYM annual guides are filled with several augmented experiences just waiting to be unlocked with your mobile device. You also can use the app to navigate our website, find PYM partners near you, and more!

Get PYM+ for Apple iOS: http://ez.com/pymplusapple
Get PYM+ for Android: http://ez.com/pymplusandroid

Here’s how it works.

How does it work?

You know what a QR code is, right? A barcode that you scan to make something happen. With QR codes, the actions are fairly simple: You’re taken to a website, receive a text message or make a phone call.

Augmented reality is like a QR code that interacts with you. The content may have several call-to-actions and options for you to experience different media messages. For example, an augmented ad may trigger a video that contains links to book a meeting, send an email or visit the hotel’s website. An editorial spread might contain links to related stories and videos that will enrich your understanding.

As you flip through our PYM annuals, look for the PYM+ icon. That means it contains augmented reality content you can unlock using the PYM+ app, which is available free for Android and Apple phones and tablets. As icons or text appear on your mobile’s screen, touch them to activate additional content.

Augmented reality is a feature of our PYM Annual print and digital guides.

Notice how I mentioned “print and digital” above? That’s because once an image is linked to augmented content, that content is activated whenever the image is scanned, no matter in which media it appears. So the same image on a brochure, name tag, magazine, YouTube video, webpage, email, park bench or billboard would trigger the same experience.

And it’s not just images that can be linked. Geo-located map points can activate content as well. What does that mean? That means hotels can embed 3-D images of alternative room sets, association planners can link the check-in desk to green-screened videos of welcome speeches, attractions can create self-guided tours and planners can trigger interactive scavenger hunts. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

We’re very proud to be the first meetings publication to offer these kind of immersive experiences for our readers. We hope you enjoy what we’ve coded into these annual guides. The interactive digital edition is available here. If you’d like to receive a print version, be sure we have your information by filling out our online subscription card here.

Please note, subscriptions are free for meeting and event planners. But after each mailing is complete, we may have a limited number of print editions for sale. So if you don’t qualify for a free subscription but you really want to play with the print edition, let us know. A limited number will be available for purchase after our circulation mailings are complete.