Kristi Casey Sanders

Kristi Casey Sanders is the VP of creative/chief storyteller of Plan Your Meetings. In addition to being an award-winning journalist who has covered meeting industry trends and destinations since 2003, she is a popular speaker on the topics of technology, sustainability, community building, engagement and proving ROI. Prior to joining the PYM team, she was a corporate trainer/performer with Boom Chicago Comedy Theatre in Amsterdam, where she taught multinational groups soft skills through improv. In her spare time, she is site selection chair for the Society of American Travel Writers’ Eastern Chapter, a big-time geek, and loving mom and wife. Not necessarily in that order. Follow her on Twitter @PYMLive or @KristiCasey. And check out her videos on PYM's YouTube channel.

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7 tips for dealing with difficult co-workers

Feel like you're surrounded by bullies? Here's how to keep your cool and get what you need. More

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PYM Thanksgiving survey winners

As a thank-you for participating in our Thanksgiving surveys for planners and partners, all respondents were entered into a random drawing to win a $100 gift certificate. One was given to a PYM planner and one was given to a PYM partner. Jamie Grantham and Erik Dombroski were the winners. Congratulations Jamie & Erik! And [...] More

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2012′s top stories for meeting planners

The fabulous thing about the Internet is that everything is trackable. Instead of sending out a printed publication and wondering what is being read, we can see which stories you enjoy, which ones get the most views and which ones you’re sharing on social networks. It’s incredibly exciting, and a bit revealing. For instance, seven of [...] More

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Space-saving packing tips for business travelers (VIDEO)

Attention road warriors: If you think you’re making it on board your plane with that second carry-on bag you’re sadly mistaken. It doesn’t matter if that compact roller case fits in the carry-on bin, if it’s larger than a backpack and you didn’t board in Zone 1, someone’s going to force you to check it [...] More

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New conference app emphasizes networking, making relevant connections on-site

One of the main reasons why people attend conferences is to network. Why, then, do traditional conference apps make that so difficult? This is the question David Aubespin had in mind when he began to develop Topi. Attendee’s view of the event’s homepage Named after a type of fast and extremely social antelope, Topi is a native [...] More

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A control freak’s guide to delegating tasks

It's a scientific fact. Your brain cannot stay focused and productive 24 hours a day, much less for an eight-hour span. Here are a few tips on doing your best work. More

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Do you know how powerful you are?

As meeting and event planners, you are incredibly powerful. But, to quote Stan Lee's Spider-Man, "With great power, comes great responsibility."  More

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