Kristi Casey Sanders

Kristi Casey Sanders is the VP of creative/chief storyteller of Plan Your Meetings. In addition to being an award-winning journalist who has covered meeting industry trends and destinations since 2003, she is a popular speaker on the topics of technology, sustainability, community building, engagement and proving ROI. Prior to joining the PYM team, she was a corporate trainer/performer with Boom Chicago Comedy Theatre in Amsterdam, where she taught multinational groups soft skills through improv. In her spare time, she is site selection chair for the Society of American Travel Writers’ Eastern Chapter, a big-time geek, and loving mom and wife. Not necessarily in that order. Follow her on Twitter @PYMLive or @KristiCasey. And check out her videos on PYM's YouTube channel.

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A how-to: Using Google Hangouts, Hangouts on Air

Today you can log on to Google, push a button and stream content directly to YouTube, where it's archived after the event. For free. More

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How do you create safety plans for events, attendees and yourself?

In a PYM Google+ Hangout on Air just a week after the Boston Marathon bombing, our panel of meeting and event planners shared real-life case studies and discussed how to work with vendors and clients to develop plans, communication strategies and security measures planners should consider.  More

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Trying new things in Chicago

Well, things are always interesting around Plan Your Meetings and today is no exception. The PYM LIVE team is in multiple places, which means today’s event is happening simultaneously in Chicago; Columbia, S.C.; the Netherlands; several regions of California; and Atlanta. Because some of our panelists have to join via mobile devices, we won’t have [...] More

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Discussing the future in Dallas/Irving

As the March 19 PYM LIVE Dallas/Irving unfolded, attendees and exhibitors experienced a lot of new things: the LEED-certified (and unconventional) Irving Convention Center, augmented reality, networking-focused conference apps, virtual panels and digital daydreaming. But the focus was — and will continue to be — on taking these new technologies and integrating them in face-to-face events so [...] More

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Case study: Installing temporary Internet for meetings and events

When our venue lost Internet days before our event, it required MacGyver-like action. More

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A moving events laboratory at PYM LIVE Atlanta

We think of our PYM LIVE Events as a way to put ideas into motion. At each event, we’re trying something new and figuring out new ways to maximize the value of the time our attendees spend with us. At our March 6 event at 200 Peachtree Special Events & Conference Center, some of the things [...] More

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PYM’s 40+ over 40 list of inspirational, innovative meeting professionals

Innovation doesn’t die once you turn 40. We’ve all read stories about people under the age of 40 who have done great things. That’s awesome, and we should applaud them. But it overlooks the people who have context, background and knowledge of the industry and are still breaking new ground. Who are the meeting professionals over the [...] More

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