Advice & Best Practices

8 strategies for handling the many faces of change

On many days, “change” seems to be the only constant in the life of a meeting professional. More

Ditch words. Use pictures to market your event.

Words alone can fail to evoke the same emotional connection or intellectual activity that a picture does. More

Hmmm … where does all the money go?

If you want to become master of your personal and professional finances, you have to make friends with your spending habits and Excel spreadsheets. More

A planner’s best friend? Tracking spend (truly)

The financial aspect of our jobs isn’t easy, and it isn’t one that comes naturally to everyone. But we’re all expected to do it and do it well. More

To find the right speaker, shop for fit and value

How do you decide which speaker to hire and what to pay? Here's a breakdown. More

Planner preparedness: 3 survival tips

As planners, we’re more prepared than most others for just about anything that life in the meeting universe throws our way. But what about hurricanes, plane crashes and bombs that go boom? More

4 + 5 equals 9 ways to refresh your email etiquette

Email communications are ripe for misunderstandings. These tips should help you get the most out of your e-correspondence. More

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