How to slide into your presentations with confidence

Securing the right ballroom for your meeting is essential for a successful event, but it’s only part of the equation. Managing the content and presentations is equally critical. More

A ‘variables’ nightmare? Not if you understand AV, production

Are you a master of program logistics until you step into a ballroom? Need to know how to evaluate and hire a production team and determine your general session needs but afraid to ask? We can help. More

Case study: Installing temporary Internet for meetings and events

When our venue lost Internet days before our event, it required MacGyver-like action. More

How to pick the perfect virtual host

Just as I do not believe that sticking a camera in the back of a room makes a hybrid event, I do not believe that randomly jumping in front of the camera and talking to the virtual audience makes a virtual emcee. More

Selecting a well-rounded online platform

Whether you are conferencing with colleagues across the country or hosting a virtual component to an event, the number of options you have at your fingertips is astounding. More

Technology primer: Part 2 – Virtual events

A virtual event, quite simply, is one that is broadcast over the Internet. It typically has audio of a presenter, and visuals in the format of slides.  More

Troubleshooting AV, Part II (VIDEO)

Did you know it’s a scientific fact that if you leave your earbuds lying around, they’ll get tangled? And there’s more! Chief AV Girl Midori Connolly is back with more tech-infused travel tips. Watch this short video and learn how to stay charged up and in-control on-site or in transit. And don’t forget: If you’d like [...] More


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