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4 top tips for satisfying special meal requests

One of the biggest changes planners have had to deal with in recent years is the increase in special-meal requests. These tips from experienced planners can help you navigate.  More

You asked, we answer: Nutrition labeling on hotel menus
You asked, we answer: Nutrition labeling on hotel menus

As meeting planners, we order the food for our attendees, so we must be conscious of what we’re serving during our watch. More

What’s hot now: 6 top catering trends

Look for these options at your next event: hyper-local, craft food and drink, gluten-free, ancient grains, mini-comfort foods, umami, meaty flavors and gourmet vegetarian. More

Orlando’s Grande Lakes gets its catering so right

Hat's off to the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, where the catering team is anything but ordinary. More

Come and get it: 8 hot catering trends for 2015

Culinaire International's Senior VP David Wood discusses what planners and attendees will be munching on soon.  More

Bravo for a legendary experience at AT&T Stadium

An event at AT&T Stadium in Dallas exceeded expectations and offered lessons. More

To tip or not to tip, that is the question

When in doubt I recommend going with your heart.  More

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