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Dallas on Sunday: No lunch, no how, no way

What I've discovered in my years as a culinary consultant around the world is that the hospitality community in any given city can take on a particular nuance. Dallas is no exception. More

Ready, set, eat! 2014 trends favor the small, potent

Imagine a milkshake spiked with chocolate-cherry liqueur and topped with whip, crushed chocolate wafers and a cherry. Who'd miss this meeting? More

Say what you mean, mean what you say

The point of this rant? Read your banqueting menus very carefully. When you see print that you think isn't true, call them out on it.  More

2001 called and it wants its spuds back

Our Monthly Morsel column shares tales from the dark side, what catering managers can do to make sure they book an event and some of the major turnoffs. More

Wise words for hosting holiday events at home

Since the holiday season is upon us, I thought I’d write about entertaining at home. Some people look forward to this all year long; others dread it. Which are you?  More

For on-site staff, stick with a catering manager

People try to cut corners by using someone who enjoys food or has minimal food knowledge. When that happens, the inexperienced managers almost always shoot themselves in the foot. More

For planners, the ABCs of BEOs

To a catering manager, culinary team or banqueting department, change a four-letter wor More