Contract Negotiations

Gotcha! Part 2: Service charges, comp policies, add-on fees

The nature of contracts with hotels is changing. Planners should be aware of several sneaky, new clauses. More

Gotcha! Clauses to address in your next hotel contract

New clauses popping up in hotel contracts are cause for concern. Here's how you might want to respond. More

Better proposals mean better outcomes

Here are 13 ways to make the RFP process smoother for planners and suppliers More

MSAs: Third-party planners and suppliers beware!

Master of Service agreements are the first step into a relationship with a new client. Step carefully. More

RFPs: When to answer and when to pass

In my experience, not all business is good business. Professional relationships should be about shared goals, values and respect. More

The best RFPs, according to hotel salespeople

Five steps toward better RFPs, and the advice comes straight from hotel salespeople. More

5 things to do right now to get better hotel deals (FREE WEBINAR)

Sourcing hotels can be a huge drag on your already busy schedule. How do you get your meeting requests noticed? How do you ensure that you’re getting the best deal? More


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