Audience Engagement

Beware of death-by-PowerPoint
Beware of death-by-PowerPoint

The core message that's been lost on some meeting planners is that adult learners have short attention spans when they are in a passive mode of learning. So don't be passive. More

An alternative to sponsorship-only speaker selection

The more that attendees feel part of the speaker-selection process, the more engaged they’ll be leading to and throughout your event. More

Case study: Road to DIY hybrid success full of potholes

I began to get nervous. My team and I are (self-proclaimed) event technology experts, but producing a livestreaming event is a whole other barrel of monkeys. More

To find the right speaker, shop for fit and value

How do you decide which speaker to hire and what to pay? Here's a breakdown. More

10 lessons Taylor Swift can teach presenters

What captures my interest is her unflagging determination to always offer a superior performance. More

Change it up, but make it comfortable

People don't naturally latch on to new things, says Midori Connolly. So if you're asking them to get a little uncomfortable, make it a fun experience.  More

P.S. Your event isn’t for everyone

You can fail-proof your event, and it's actually easier than you might think.  More

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