Planner preparedness: 3 survival tips

As planners, we’re more prepared than most others for just about anything that life in the meeting universe throws our way. But what about hurricanes, plane crashes and bombs that go boom? More

Holiday planning is cool when the weather’s hot

Christmas in July? You bet! Seasoned planners know now is the best time to act. More

Mic runners: How to train them, why you need them

Microphone wrangling can often get short shrift when it comes to ballroom management. It shouldn't. More

What’s in a name tag? You might be surprised

Like them or not, we all use them. Not always wisely, though, or effectively and purposefully. More

Post-mortems: Details tell the tale, inform better events

If you don’t do one, you should. Here's why. More

Room advances: Look out for what’s left behind

Room advances are common among planners who want to make sure that VIPs find their lodging in perfect condition. Here are some things to watch out for.  More

Celebrities at events: Spotlight’s on you

When all is said and done, the celebrity factor adds an element of cache and excitement that can't be achieved any other way. Embrace the task, and hold on tight! More

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