Holiday planning is cool when the weather’s hot

Christmas in July? You bet! Seasoned planners know now is the best time to act. More

Mic runners: How to train them, why you need them

Microphone wrangling can often get short shrift when it comes to ballroom management. It shouldn't. More

Post-mortems: Details tell the tale, inform better events

If you don’t do one, you should. Here's why. More

Navigating international meetings

Planning meetings outside your home country presents a whole set of different challenges than you’re used to. It's wise to get an early start on learning basic guidelines. More

Growing from 10 to 10,000

Mega-meetings often mean more money for better venues, bigger-name speakers, and more creative events and staging. On the other hand, snafus can happen on a much grander scale. More

Case study: The value of volunteers

You're a nonprofit planner, and you know that with events, it’s all about the details. But who can focus on details with so many moving pieces, only one of you and no cash for extra help? The answer may lie in a volunteer program. More

An organized approach to managing projects

Many people mix up the terms “task” and “project.” It's important to understand the difference between them, because each must be managed differently. More

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