Need destination assistance?

Depending on the type of event you’re planning, the CVB may be all you need to navigate the landscape of your host destination. However, when a more personalized and expert approach is needed, it may be necessary to enlist the help of a destination management company (DMC). According to Michelle Yurcak, a certified destination management [...] More

Eight ways companies can save money on meetings and events

Meetings and event expenditures can represent up to 60 percent of a company’s transient business travel costs and 1.5 percent of its revenues, but many companies don’t have a cohesive meeting and event spending strategy. If they did, they could save an average of 10 to 25 percent of that meetings and event spend annually, [...] More

How efficient is your registration process?

A successful meeting, conference or special event all rely on one major component — registration. That’s because almost every aspect of an event is determined by the number of attendees, including: Hotel guest rooms Food and beverage for all functions and breaks Meeting space for general session, breakouts and other functions Registration hand-out material Printed programs or pre-loaded USB drives [...] More

Green transportation tips

Table of contents for Meeting SustainablyLocal. Seasonal. Organic. How to green your meeting menuGreen transportation tipsI am currently working on a meeting in Las Vegas, Nev. — a destination where nearly all my attendees will be either flying or driving in for the event. Once they land, they will need transportation from the airport (and [...] More

Making sense of co-location

Ever hear those stories about families who rent a vacation house together? Rarely does it turn out well, especially the first time. Count on disagreements over children’s bedtimes, room allocations, paying for food and clean-up. Now multiply those decisions by thousands and you have what meeting planners and executives face when they try to co-locate [...] More

Ground transportation: Getting from point A to B

Ground transportation is a very tricky part of the event planning industry because if done right no one really thinks to thank you. How hard is it to order a car/bus and driver? Here is the answer: harder than you think. If ground transportation isn’t done correctly — for example, a shuttle bus hits a [...] More

Case study: Creating a 100 percent virtual event

A few years ago, Cisco Systems Inc. hosted about 20,000 employees at its Global Sales Experience meeting in Las Vegas and treated them to a private Aerosmith concert. This year, 20,000 employees went to work and attended the meeting by watching video screens as executives gave speeches and handed out year-end awards. Did Cisco get the [...] More

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