Growing from 10 to 10,000

Mega-meetings often mean more money for better venues, bigger-name speakers, and more creative events and staging. On the other hand, snafus can happen on a much grander scale. More

Case study: The value of volunteers

You're a nonprofit planner, and you know that with events, it’s all about the details. But who can focus on details with so many moving pieces, only one of you and no cash for extra help? The answer may lie in a volunteer program. More

An organized approach to managing projects

Many people mix up the terms “task” and “project.” It's important to understand the difference between them, because each must be managed differently. More

The crew eats, too

The production team is in the spotlight if a projector fails, sound quality is poor or if any number of other technical snafus occur. You want the best of the best. More

30 ways to enhance the value of meetings, events
30 ways to enhance the value of meetings, events

With so many conferences in competition, event organizers need to become more savvy about the value they offer. More

How do you create safety plans for events, attendees and yourself?

In a PYM Google+ Hangout on Air just a week after the Boston Marathon bombing, our panel of meeting and event planners shared real-life case studies and discussed how to work with vendors and clients to develop plans, communication strategies and security measures planners should consider.  More

10 lbs. of meeting in a 5-lb. box: Can or should it be done?

Remember this: The amount of time people spend in one room listening to content doesn't translate to how much they learn. And this: If you partner with the right team, mountains can be moved and venues transformed into wonderful opportunities. More

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