Not all event ROI is created equal

After you know what attendees learned, did, and how that affected the organization financially — only then are you ready to measure ROI. More

5 essential steps to holding more effective meetings

There are some simple steps that will make any meeting — whether it’s a weekly staff meeting or an annual convention — more effective. Some will make you say “duh” and others “doh!” But they’re worth repeating, reinforcing and passing on to your friends. More

9 tips to keep in mind when booking speakers

How organizations use professional and industry speakers at meetings, conferences and other events is detailed in a recent survey from Tagoras and Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. Consultants interviewed almost 250 respondents from 170 organizations, 80 percent of which hold meetings attended by at least 500 people. The report looks at how speakers are chosen, what is expected [...] More

6 tips for innovative banquets

Don't confuse "innovation" with "popular." They are two very different areas. More

Don’t worry, you can make your event ‘brain-friendly’

There are lots of things you can do to shock your attendees out of their stupor. More

Dedicated social ‘hubs’ keep attendees nearby

One of the most important parts of a conference or event is a place dedicated to the art of networking. Social spaces are quickly becoming the go-to place or “hub” at a conference or event. It’s where you meet peers, collaborate and network. Gone are the days of finding a coffee shop or bar to [...] More

The principles of meeting design, Part V: Unity

Table of contents for The five principles of meeting designThe five principles of meeting design: Part IThe five principles of meeting design, Part II: ProportionThe five principles of meeting design, Part III: RhythmThe five principles of meeting design, Part IV: EmphasisThe principles of meeting design, Part V: UnityWhat makes a meeting great? What is [...] More