When outsourcing can save you money — and some sanity

Does this sound familiar? You’re facing an overwhelming amount of work and can’t possibly get it all done between now and when it’s due. You don’t have enough people (or anyone) to delegate to and you are overwhelmed. As if that’s not enough fun, I bet some of the events you’re being asked to plan are [...] More

Entrepreneurial spotlight: Writing a business plan

Moving from the cube to the corner office is the dream of any budding entrepreneur. But what does is really take to get to the top and build something spectacular? More

To market, to market: Gauging the industry’s strength

Knowing the difference between a sellers' market and a buyers' market will help you do your job more effectively. More

With the help of event sponsors, you can have it all

You have your event budget, marketing plan and strategic plan. Then you realize you don’t have enough to incorporate that cool app ... More

3 events in 3 nights? Lessons learned

Here are five reasons why you should think things through in business and in life. More

5 of today’s top meeting trends, as we see it

To rock your next meeting, remember to be agile, that your attendees want to learn not just listen and that "we" spaces beat "I" spaces. More

Sustainable Meetings Conference 2012: Games, blinks and weavers

This year's Sustainable Meetings Conference convened in Montreal on April 22-25. Part 2 of our report considers "gamification," the "blink" concept and weavers. More

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