The 2011 PYM Annual digital guide is here!

Bringing you “Motivation for Innovation,” the 2011 PYM Annual is designed to help you navigate new technologies, find solutions for current challenges and, hopefully, inspire you to create something big, bright, beautiful and business-friendly at your next meeting or event. But, like everything we do here at Plan Your Meetings, this was a group effort. [...] More

Cost-saving strategies and solutions to industry challenges

Despite reassurances that the recession is over, corporate purse strings aren’t getting any looser. And that, coupled with increasing hotel and transportation costs and short booking windows, is leaving meeting and event planners feeling pinched. On the meeting supply side, hotel and convention sales managers are having a hard time connecting with potential clients and maintaining [...] More


If you are facing the challenge of planning a meeting in an unfamiliar destination you might be struggling with where to begin. If your first thought is to turn to the Internet for information, you might be quickly overwhelmed by all the data available to you and still not have the type of information you [...] More

The ins and outs of using historical venues

A historical venue is a place that is steeped in historical significance, either becauseĀ  it’s where an important event took place, it has architectural relevance, or it’s where an important person lived or died. But that doesn’t mean their usefulness as a special events venue is stuck in the past. There are many reasons why historical [...] More

Setting sail for a meeting at sea

Deciding on the location for a meeting can be a daunting task. From local sites to resorts to international locations, the choices are endless. However, planning a meeting at sea can be one of the easier options. More

Grow in 2011: Five action steps to take now

The economy is slowly getting back on track. People aren't afraid to meet anymore. This year is looking a little better than years past, so it's time to think about making some improvements. More

Seven tips for creating a successful trade show

Or, how to sell more exhibit space and keep everyone happy. More

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