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Feel lonely? 4 ways to get people to your event
Feel lonely? 4 ways to get people to your event

A word to the wise: Mailing lists get outdated as fast as people change Facebook statuses, and positive results are rarely achieved from a one-mailer marketing piece. More

Determine your event’s ROI … and grow it
Determine your event’s ROI … and grow it

The simplest way to measure it is to look at which marketing vehicles enabled you to fill seats in the fastest, most cost-efficient way possible. More

Make me scroll, and I’m gone. You?

It happens so often, I want to scream. Instead of giving me a list I can read and save, I’m sent scrolling through a variety of slow-loading pictures with captions. More

Data isn’t dirty, so use it to pump up your power!

Understanding data makes you more strategic and efficient. It helps you drive revenue, create a quality experience and know who will come to your event. What's not to like? More

Ditch words. Use pictures to market your event.

Words alone can fail to evoke the same emotional connection or intellectual activity that a picture does. More

Grand-slam events with mobile apps, dashboards and more

This is a great time to talk about the latest must-have tech tools to make your job easier and create a more engaging experience for attendees. More

P.S. Your event isn’t for everyone

You can fail-proof your event, and it's actually easier than you might think.  More

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