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4 smart ways to live it up by dialing it down

Be more comfortable with your work and personal lives by keeping it simple, choosing wisely, trusting yourself and recognizing completions. More

What’s hot now: 6 top catering trends

Look for these options at your next event: hyper-local, craft food and drink, gluten-free, ancient grains, mini-comfort foods, umami, meaty flavors and gourmet vegetarian. More

Data isn’t dirty, so use it to pump up your power!

Understanding data makes you more strategic and efficient. It helps you drive revenue, create a quality experience and know who will come to your event. What's not to like? More

Gotcha! Part 2: Service charges, comp policies, add-on fees

The nature of contracts with hotels is changing. Planners should be aware of several sneaky, new clauses. More

Gotcha! Clauses to address in your next hotel contract

New clauses popping up in hotel contracts are cause for concern. Here's how you might want to respond. More

ASAP, what?! Stop the insanity, say what you really mean

How much of the time is an assignment or task truly needed as soon as possible? Think about it ... More

Trade shows: 5 top tips for new planners

Ask any first-time attendee what he/she feels as they stand at the entrance to their first big-time trade show. Fear? Trepidation? Dread?  More

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