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Event websites: Smartphones have changed EVERYTHING

There is no more prominent trend in the event industry than responsible website design. More

8 ways to enjoy a flight delay (yes, really)

Remember, you’re not going anywhere. So if the flight won’t move, your attitude may as well. More

Ready for your close-up? 6 tips to get you there

Constant change is a given for all of us, so the idea of being comfortable in your job went out the window with that last app you downloaded. More

Ch-ch-changes … New year, new rhythm, new you

Simply put, a resolution is just another word for deciding to make a change. Big, small or anywhere in between. More

6 paths to true harmony: Ready, set, r-e-l-a-x
6 paths to true harmony: Ready, set, r-e-l-a-x

Don't end up asking yourself huge quality-of-life questions: What's life all about? Why am I here? Is that all there is? More

Help me help you: Etiquette and mentors

The mentor/mentee system is invaluable and worth preserving. Here are a few thoughts. More

10 lessons Taylor Swift can teach presenters

What captures my interest is her unflagging determination to always offer a superior performance. More

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