Better proposals mean better outcomes

Here are 13 ways to make the RFP process smoother for planners and suppliers More

Make sense(s): The power of soundscaping

The next time you plan the perfect setting for an event, think beyond what guests will see, think also about what they'll hear. More

On the road again? You really can fit fitness in
On the road again? You really can fit fitness in

Finding the time for fitness — even in small doses — is enough to recharge your body and mind, and improve how you work while traveling. More

Know your terms: A hierarchy of unwanted events

Here's one way to classify intrusions and impediments to our workdays. Do you have a favorite? More

To tip or not to tip, that is the question

When in doubt I recommend going with your heart.  More

Meeting 100 new people in 100 days. Join me?

The slower pace of summer makes networking significantly more rewarding. More

Overcoming 8 arguments to fitness breaks

It's common for those at meetings and to sit for long periods and consume a lot of information in short bursts. Exercise can help, and we're not talking a mile-long run. More

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