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Trade shows: 5 top tips for new planners

Ask any first-time attendee what he/she feels as they stand at the entrance to their first big-time trade show. Fear? Trepidation? Dread?  More

Trade shows: 6 top tips for new suppliers

Like most any event you do, your approach to trade shows will dictate whether the time you spend is valuable or useless. So go prepared. More

Crafting substantive budgets: The future is now

Regardless of when your event is, there are some budget constants you can sketch out now. Here's how. More

An alternative to sponsorship-only speaker selection

The more that attendees feel part of the speaker-selection process, the more engaged they’ll be leading to and throughout your event. More

Corporate event budgets: Do it like a pro

This six-part series looks at personal and professional spending for planner. Today: Tackling corporate event budgets. More

8 ways to work smarter, breathe more

As planners we have so much competing for our attention, it's wise every now and then to step back and rethink our routines. More

7 smart strategies for powerful virtual events

Almost all of us are guilty of logging into virtual events and then proceeding to multitask. How can we expect our attendees to act any differently? Because we can. More

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