Advice & Best Practices

Make your website mobile-friendly, or else

About 48 percent of Google searches take place on mobile devices. With this number expected to climb, event marketers can’t afford to get left behind. More

Sharpen your swag game with a wave of tech wizardry

The ultimate promo piece is something that gets significant use or sits in clear view on a client’s desk, gently reminding them just how awesome you are. More

5 simple steps for keeping germs at bay when you’re away

Before you lock the front door and surrender your passport, let’s look at how you can stay healthy while traveling. More

12 tips toward creating a great pre-fam trip

When event industry professionals are already traveling to a trade show or conference, tourist boards and venues have an ideal opportunity to promote their destination.  More

4 smart ways to live it up by dialing it down

Be more comfortable with your work and personal lives by keeping it simple, choosing wisely, trusting yourself and recognizing completions. More

What’s hot now: 6 top catering trends

Look for these options at your next event: hyper-local, craft food and drink, gluten-free, ancient grains, mini-comfort foods, umami, meaty flavors and gourmet vegetarian. More

Data isn’t dirty, so use it to pump up your power!

Understanding data makes you more strategic and efficient. It helps you drive revenue, create a quality experience and know who will come to your event. What's not to like? More

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