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7 smart strategies for powerful virtual events

Almost all of us are guilty of logging into virtual events and then proceeding to multitask. How can we expect our attendees to act any differently? Because we can. More

Show me the money! 4 easy ways to save your cents

This six-part series looks at personal and professional spending for planner. Today: Saving your money is easier than you think. More

Case study: Road to DIY hybrid success full of potholes

I began to get nervous. My team and I are (self-proclaimed) event technology experts, but producing a livestreaming event is a whole other barrel of monkeys. More

Road rules for name-droppers

Never pretend a connection exists. Rely on your network to provide solid introductions and authentic referrals, and then always pay the kindness forward. More

Save it for later: Mindfulness is key to smart spending

The goal isn’t to stop spending altogether. It’s to be mindful of what you buy and how you feel afterward. More

8 strategies for handling the many faces of change

On many days, “change” seems to be the only constant in the life of a meeting professional. More

Ditch words. Use pictures to market your event.

Words alone can fail to evoke the same emotional connection or intellectual activity that a picture does. More

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