Technology & Social Media

Simple. Clean. Easy. Effective.

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Tips for tapping Pinterest’s untapped potential

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Social media: Getting beyond the obvious

Using social media the right before before an event can limit no-shows and build buzz. More

The attendee-centered conference app

Designing and implementing a mobile event app is an exercise in essence and relevance. Try to be relevant rather than complete or cool. More

Engage attendees the #SoMeT way

The key to SoMeT's success: Attendees give input on all major conference elements, from host cities to speakers. More

Grow attendees’ appetite for event apps

How do you get people to download your conference app before they get on-site? You can up your adds by following three simple guidelines. More

Social media harassment: It can happen to you

Several months ago a colleague let me know a fake Twitter account had been set up in my professional name. Thus began the battle of my life. More