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Email, social media tips for year-end fundraisers
Email, social media tips for year-end fundraisers

With the right approach, you can break through the noise, achieve your fundraising goals and strengthen ties to your core audience.  More

Case study: Giving event attendees a voice
Case study: Giving event attendees a voice

Because Catchboxes were such a hit in 2015, we’re bringing them back for our 2016 PYM LIVE events. This time they’ll look a little different. More

No, not that periscope! The live-streaming app

At its best, Periscope is the fly on the wall … any wall in the world. At its worst, it’s a never-ending video selfie. More

Make me scroll, and I’m gone. You?

It happens so often, I want to scream. Instead of giving me a list I can read and save, I’m sent scrolling through a variety of slow-loading pictures with captions. More

Event planning: It’s in your pocket

Given how fast things change in the mobile and social media worlds, there's more you need to know to have a fantastic fall event season. More

Make your website mobile-friendly, or else

About 48 percent of Google searches take place on mobile devices. With this number expected to climb, event marketers can’t afford to get left behind. More

Sharpen your swag game with a wave of tech wizardry

The ultimate promo piece is something that gets significant use or sits in clear view on a client’s desk, gently reminding them just how awesome you are. More

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