Event Marketing

Ditch words. Use pictures to market your event.

Words alone can fail to evoke the same emotional connection or intellectual activity that a picture does. More

The content creation cycle: From empty seats to SRO

You don’t have to write a tome or hire outside resources to build an arsenal of engaging content. More

There’s more to that tchotchke than meets the eye

Swag isn't simple anymore. Now your giveaways have to pass countless tests. More

Time running low? Put your creativity to work

Most participants need time to get an event on their calendar, but a last-minute push can work to your advantage.  More

20 tips for making your event apps addictive

It’s almost gotten to the point where attendees expect every major event to have a dedicated app. And why not? If you do it right, it’s a great way to engage your audience before, during and after. More

No shows? Please say it ain’t so

There are lots of reasons people cancel at the last minute. Aside from a work or family emergency, most can be thwarted in advance. More

Wait! Don’t tell me (you forgot to register)!

Event managers are getting creative and front-loading event attendance. Here are some of their strategies. More

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