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4 top tips for satisfying special meal requests

One of the biggest changes planners have had to deal with in recent years is the increase in special-meal requests. These tips from experienced planners can help you navigate.  More

Fight event fatigue with a boost from superfoods

Give up cookies for dark chocolate-covered strawberries? These tips, and others, can make your event one that runs on energy and clear thinking. More

Time management: Easier said than done

The crux of this Monthly Morsel is trust, when it's earned and when it's not. More

Back to Dallas, plus standing up for yourself

I'm thrilled that my column smacking a bit on Dallas' private dining scene did exactly what I wanted it to do: Get people talking. More

Dallas on Sunday: No lunch, no how, no way

What I've discovered in my years as a culinary consultant around the world is that the hospitality community in any given city can take on a particular nuance. Dallas is no exception. More

Ready, set, eat! 2014 trends favor the small, potent

Imagine a milkshake spiked with chocolate-cherry liqueur and topped with whip, crushed chocolate wafers and a cherry. Who'd miss this meeting? More

2001 called and it wants its spuds back

Our Monthly Morsel column shares tales from the dark side, what catering managers can do to make sure they book an event and some of the major turnoffs. More


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