Meeting Sustainably

Top tips for managers: Reuse, recycle, rethink

it’s important to look at everyone involved in a show — from the convention center staff, general contractor, security providers and caterers to the exhibitors, attendees and AV providers — as sustainability stakeholders.  More

Top tips for exhibitors: Be green, save money

Companies traditionally replace exhibit booths every five years, but that isn't necessary or wise.  More

6 ways to make green habits a priority

Next to construction, meetings create more waste than any other U.S. industry. Planners can drive change. More

Savvy planners think green all year long

In the midst of this holiday season, you may have the color green on your mind. But we're not talking Christmas trees or dollar bills here, we're talking about green meetings. And that's a green that's good all year long. More

What we can learn from the itsy bitsy spider
What we can learn from the itsy bitsy spider

The spider’s ability to maintain balance is something to which any sustainability devotee should aspire.  More

The many ‘R’s of being green (reduce, reuse, recycle …)

By 2025 there will be an estimated 9 billion people on the planet. All will be consumers of goods, energy, food and resources. More

IMEX in 2013: An eco-tale of two cities

Is it feasible to expect a U.S. show to meet the same sustainability level as Germany? A case study. More


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