Best Practices

Attention all exhibit managers, this one’s for you

When does it make sense to do catering in an exhibit? We have some food for thought. More

Mega-meeting trends in 2013

Within each of these trends are many related trends. What have you seen invade the meeting landscape, for better or for worse? More

The view from the ballroom chair, Part 3: The expo

Everyone knows the model is outdated but that fixing it is complicated.  More

IMEX in 2013: An eco-tale of two cities

Is it feasible to expect a U.S. show to meet the same sustainability level as Germany? A case study. More

A ‘variables’ nightmare? Not if you understand AV, production

Are you a master of program logistics until you step into a ballroom? Need to know how to evaluate and hire a production team and determine your general session needs but afraid to ask? We can help. More

A how-to: Using Google Hangouts, Hangouts on Air

Today you can log on to Google, push a button and stream content directly to YouTube, where it's archived after the event. For free. More

Virtual audiences need you in at least a dozen ways

In today's interactive world, virtual audience members want to do much more than watch what is happening, they want to be part of it. More

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