Best Practices

Tips for tapping Pinterest’s untapped potential

This visual tool is a great way to spark interest in your next event as part of an integrated marketing plan. More

Social media: Getting beyond the obvious

Using social media the right before before an event can limit no-shows and build buzz. More

Work-life balance: A few tips for getting there

A few weeks ago we talked about what was involved in trying to achieve a work-life balance. Today we get more specific. More

4 simple steps for setting, achieving your goals

The steps to a good, achievable goal include realistic dreaming, specific actions, a time frame and self-discipline.  More

2001 called and it wants its spuds back

Our Monthly Morsel column shares tales from the dark side, what catering managers can do to make sure they book an event and some of the major turnoffs. More

To work smarter, set SMART goals

A SMART goal is: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timely. A SMART goal has a built-in plan associated with it, so you can get to work and map your progress from Day 1. More

The 6 components of work-life balance

New year, new events, new resolve. Everybody talks about work-life balance, right? But what does it really involve? Master these six components as a meeting planner, and you've got it made. More