Planning 101

Trade shows: 5 top tips for new planners

Ask any first-time attendee what he/she feels as they stand at the entrance to their first big-time trade show. Fear? Trepidation? Dread?  More

Trade shows: 6 top tips for new suppliers

Like most any event you do, your approach to trade shows will dictate whether the time you spend is valuable or useless. So go prepared. More

Grandma knew best: Work comes before reward

Much of human behavior can be explained by the phrase "behavior that is rewarded is repeated."  More

Planners, pay attention to things you can’t control

Doing your homework -- around weather, customs, politics and more -- will ensure your event is memorable for all the right reasons.  More

Successful strategic planning keeps it simple, specific

Strategic planning is a tool. Make sure it's something you can live with, not something you'll avoid. More

21 ways to gauge your work-life balance

On which part of the spectrum do you fall? This list might open some eyes. More

Math with metrics: Convert with confidence!

When traveling abroad, the language changes even when English is spoken, but the real humdinger is making metric conversions. More

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