Planners Corner

Design relevant, engaging experiences

The most effective meeting planners take time to strategically design their events before they settle on logistics. More

Let’s get high, Part 4

Real achievers take control of their time. High achievers take control of their day.  More

Enjoying ‘sites & bites’ in Washington, D.C.

Can't be with us at PYM LIVE DC? Here's a window into the education and experimentation happening in our nation's capital. More

Let’s get high, Part 3

Real achievers continually build self-confidence. High achievers are their own best cheerleaders.  More

Test your connections

Did you know there’s an online calculator you can use to see what kind of Internet speed your group will need? The APEX Bandwidth CalculatorĀ errs on the side of too much bandwidth, but it will give you a baseline from which to start venue negotiations. Once you’re on-site, you can test the speed in guest [...] More

Let’s get high, Part 2

Real organizers eliminate nonessential information. High achievers stay focused ...  More

Let’s get high, Part 1

Real achievers take time to recharge. High achievers know when to relax ...  More

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