Everything we do is designed to help planners work smarter, not harder, and connect them with the resources they need to plan better meetings and events. And, every year, we take the feedback we receive from our audience of planners and community of partners and use that to improve existing and create new educational and marketing services that meet their needs.

And, from their response, we’re on to something. But, don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our planners and partners have to say about the work we do and the opportunities we offer.


The value of being a PYM planner

“You held a PERFECTLY executed event. I believe I was able to speak to every PYM Partner, which is one of the big reasons I was there. I’ve never attended an event with Speed Meetings before but found it advantageous and actually quite entertaining. I had a wonderful time and took away a lot of great information plus made a number of contacts that will come in very handy in the future.” — Debra Brooks

“Plan Your Meetings is the epitome of all things good in the meeting planning industry. Plan Your Meetings’ main focus is to educate: educating partners, planners and clients. That;s why I am a Plan Your Meetings Planner.” — Erica Prewett

“Plan Your Meetings is always evolving and staying on the cutting-edge of what we as planners need. You all are my number one go-to resource for all of my meetings needs. I don’t even consider other meetings magazines and Web sites because PYM has everything I need.” — Kimberly Roberts, CMP, CSEP

“PYM has been an extremely supportive resource and partner in my quest for the perfect meeting. With the challenges of the current meeting environment, PYM has laid the groundwork for planners, like myself to fully take advantage of and not have to totally reinvent the wheel.” — Bobby Hobes

“In an 18-month period, my company produced 81 meetings. Now each meeting did not have 150 people in attendance, they averaged about 48 people. And the reason why that is important to know is that it is difficult for me to find new and exciting locations for each event. Everyone is asking me to top the last event, some of my vendors start stealing my favorite locations and using them as their own. That is why I like Plan Your Meetings, I can go to one of their events and discover properties that I would not normally consider. The vendors that they are able to bring to me in one location, enables me to forgo a site visiting trip to the location. Spending 3 days searching for a site in a new city is never fun, especially when I am worried that my own research will not yield me the right location. When I first started to work with the vendors at Plan Your Meetings, my current meeting schedule did not apply to their properties. But looking back at the projects completed this year, every one of them I found at plan yours meetings, as far back as 2008. And I would most definitely use everyone of my vendors again.” — David Ecton

“Thank you for sending me the Planning Guide.  It’s VERY thorough, every possible scenario covered.  Whoever put it together, did an excellent job.” — Barb Smith


PYM staff

“Given it was my first PYM Live Event, I felt overall – it was GREAT! I especially appreciated the personal interaction with PYM Staff at check-in and throughout the morning in the trade show area. I had great one-on-one convo’s with Claudia and others w/ PYM and left saying, ‘WOW!!! I would love to work with them some day on projects, committees,etc.’! It was great!” — Theresa Garrett

PYM LIVE educational/networking events

“Thank you so much for putting together such a fabulous event. The education session was great, planners were engaged and the venue was quite nice.  You really know how to do it right!” — Pat Schneider

“I didn’t even know what a CVB was, or how helpful they are as a resource to planners until I started attending PYM LIVE Events!” — Leah Lambracht

“Thanks so much for a fun and educational afternoon and evening at your recent Denver event!  You all did a great job, and the vendors were a perfect mix of destinations! Well done!” — Jan Detweiler

“I just wanted to thank you again for making it possible for us to attend the event. Everything was excellent! My co-worker and I were so excited to find out that there will be an event coming up in nearby San Antonio. We are planning on attending that one as well!” — Judy McReynolds

“It is rare that I attend an educational conference for meeting planners that I take away information that I can actually use in real life meetings.” — Traci Gregory

“I wanted to let you know that Denise Vajdak and I were so excited about all the innovations we learned in Austin last week that we are going to share the info with the rest of our IAAP chapter at a special Lunch Express meeting. We have already implemented a couple! We are going to encourage everyone to attend the upcoming San Antonio event.” — Sheila Dotson

“The entire PYM staff was very accessible and approachable.  The information provided was very realistic and practical. I walked away feeling like I had received some great insight, networked with people who were willing to share information and I feel  refreshed and renewed.  Most of all, I feel like my time was well spent … definitely NOT just another ‘waste of time’ networking meeting!” — CJ Hall

“Thanks for all your help with the event yesterday.  It was very informative!  I’m glad I went. There was a nice turnout.” — Denise Hopewell, CPS

“The best part of all seminars and workshops is the networking. Thank you for creating an event that was primarily networking. The luncheon keynote was exceptionally good.” — Kathy Brandt

“This was my first [PYM LIVE Event] and I was very impressed! I plan on attending all of the ones to come and hope there are some coming to New York soon! The contract piece was VERY VERY helpful and the speaker was phenomenal!” — Amber Frix

“I was very impressed with both speakers and the valuable information each shared regarding the current trends due to the changing economy and the importance of social networking as a value tool for success.” — Tami Maynard

“I make it a point to give a piece of business to at least one of the PYM partners I meet at each LIVE Event I go to.” — David Ecton

“The two speakers were excellent. I can attend an entire conference and not hear that level of speaking and certainly not that level of information.” — Robin Cato

“I loved [the PYM LIVE Event], and I will attend as many as I can in the future. Thanks for inviting me, and for setting this up. It’s a great opportunity for meeting planners to connect with different venues.” — Nancy Sharp

“Very well done. Trade show, luncheon, presentations, etc. all done superbly. It shows that you all have been doing this a long time and know what the audience looks for in a meeting like this  Since the attendees are planners, we are a critical group.” — Ray Vanegas

“Education such as this at a fairly low cost is easy for a corporate meeting planner to attend … helps to build the internal business case for that support.” — Amy Harris

“I had a ball and the event was the highlight of my day. Keep up the good work. Thanks a million. I will definitely sign up with [PYM's social networks]. Those are my goals for the next week.” — Tonya Cook

“Very valuable tips from the presenter and audience [at PYM LIVE]. I will go to the PYM website for resources mentioned during the presentation.” — Linda Kish

“It was great to hear about others in the industry and what new innovative things they are doing to increase business. There were also some key vendors that were great to have exposure to some of their products and offerings, some of which I hope to implement into my campaigns in the next six months or so!!” — Tami Anders

“It is wonderful to meet so many new people and see different hotels. Everything was wonderful. Lots of great information and community! I can’t wait till the next event!!” — Leah Lambracht

“What a perfect blend of educational sessions and venue information.” — Diana Marquez

“MPI is so cliquish. You meet so many different people here.” — Donna Leach

“There’s a few venues for sure that I’ll use. It’s given me a lot of ideas to [take] back. Networking has been great.” — Deanna Wooten

“I so enjoy coming to all of your events and truly feel that I am taking advantage of your organization’s generosity in putting these together. But I must say that I get something out of them every time (other than good food) and make a great many new contacts. I know that I am going to be using a couple of restaurants you have featured for meetings that I am going to be having this summer with underwriters for our big event in November. I also used the Embassy Suites (their restaurant) in Frisco for a staff dinner when we were hosting an informational event at the Frisco Stars Center. So please keep inviting me — I’m not only coming because of the free lunch!” — Betty Kay Schlesinger

“I truly enjoyed the last Dallas LIVE event.  The networking energizes me when I seem to most need it. The classes are informative; but the vendors are the attraction!”  — Betty Kay Schlesinger

“This was well worth my time. I have found several new vendors that I am going to be using in the future. Vendors are already following up with me now and setting appointments.” — David Ecton

PlanYourMeetings.com & webinars

“I really enjoyed your [webinar] this afternoon. I thought it was both timely and relevant. I asked about getting a copy of the meeting planning guide, but I decided to sign up for the subscription instead so I can get a steady stream of information. Thanks for a wonderful and informative presentation. All my best,” — Yusuf Abdul-Kareem

“Great webinar! Do more of these!” — Jackie Thornton, MS, CMP

PYM annual guide & e-newsletters

“I absolutely HAD to let you know what a great issue this is!  I always enjoy the monthly publication and keep the ANNUAL issues as a referene tool – after reading several articles and reviewing the updated Practical Guide to Meeting Planning, I think this one will stay on my desk for a while! Thanks for providing planners such a useful publication as well as opportunities for continuing education.” — Jeannie Battin, CMP, CMM

“I just love the Plan Your Meetings e-mails and the magazine. The information and tips are so helpful, and I get such great ideas reading about the meetings other people are planning. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and participate. I look forward to continuing.” — Leslie Richards

“I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your organization for putting out such a fantastic resource tool as is the Plan Your Meeting  magazine as well as the website. I can not even begin to tell you how useful it has been for me now that I do corporate events. Keep up the good work and thank you for supporting us with this type of material.” — Diana Mejia

“Can you please advise me on how to obtain copies of PLAN YOUR MEETING GUIDES?  I am facilitating an event planning workshop in August for Jefferson State College in Birmingham, Alabama.  It is entitled, ‘Event Planning Like the Pros.’ I should need about 20 copies. Is this possible?” — Bettye Davis-Ludd

“I wanted to THANK YOU for the great coverage of the Keep America Meeting campaign.  I really appreciate everything you did to make people aware of the campaign – you are the best!” — Alison Jenks



The value of partnering with PYM

“PYM offers supplier partners a solid platform to connect with local planners and repeatedly delivers return on investment.” — Nick Rodriguez, National Sales Manager, Caesars Portfolio Properties

“THANK YOU! [Hosting PYM LIVE] was an amazing experience. So far we have already received three RFPs as a direct result…now that’s ROI!!!!” — Malinda Harrell, CMP, CASE, Associate Director of Sales, Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Vail Valley Partnership has partnered with Plan Your Meetings for a number of years, and continue to be impressed with their commitment to their partners. Most recently, we have utilized PYM’s telemarketing services to assist in our database prospecting and general clean up; their efficient and cost-effective outreach helped our sales team follow up directly with the valid leads and served as additional feelers in the planner community on behalf of our destination. Their professional staff are a pleasure to work with and we are proud to partner with PYM in the meeting planning industry.” — Chris Romer, president/CEO of Vail Valley Partnership

“I continue to get positive feedback from my salespeople in the field who attend PYM Live.  They tell me that PYM brings qualified planners to the show — the type of planner they want to get in front of.” – Kristen Schascheck, director of sales, Dave & Buster’s

“The Plan Your Meetings team is honest, real and has always been cutting edge.  Before it was in vogue to offer a mix of media,  Plan Your Meetings was doing it, and doing it well.” — Mark D. Thompson, CTA, Irving Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Plan Your Meetings consistently brings my sales team new leads.  From one PYM Live Event alone, we booked three meetings worth $80,000 in revenue; and that’s not even counting the transient accounts that are coming in from the contacts we made there.  In addition, our PYM involvement in the marketing programs has helped us contract two new, heavy-hitting business accounts.  And my favorite part is, my relationship is with the end user, real, active corporate planners. PYM allows me to cut the interloping third party providers and their commission structure completely out of the equation.” — Jessica Henry, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hotel Derek

“This (PYM) is the single greatest investment we make toward the groups and meetings segment.  It’s so nice when you spend the dollars on something and it actually works.  You should definitely do it!” — Judy Young, New Braunfels Convention & Visitors Bureau

“We partner with PYM all the time. They’re always bringing us business.” — Khalilah May, Dave & Busters

“I truly  appreciate our partnership. It is not often that we get a chance to work with folks that are creative, innovative, hard working, looking for a win-win relationship and not for just ‘what is in it for me?’ Hopefully we will work together for a long time and provide an industry model for lodging that all peers will look to as the experts.” — Steve Lowe, Harrah’s & Harveys Lake Tahoe/ Caesar’s Entertainment

“I love Plan Your Meetings because they truly care about me and my team getting the most out of the program. This is the second property [I’ve worked at] where we have received ROI through PYM’s different sales and marketing channels. Any time I have a representative making calls in a new territory, I know I can reach out to my PYM rep to help us build new relationships.”  — Jessica Henry,  Hotel Derek

“[PYM] is one of the most interactive experiences I’ve had with a planning company. [PYM is] very personable, has great speakers, and energetic people. [PYM] really has helped me connect with a lot of companies I’ve been trying to get into and found it difficult to so. PYM has really opened some great doors for me.” — Maryanne Kinnucan, Marriott Prattville Montgomery

“We wanted to host a PYM LIVE Event because we’ve heard from a couple of hotels that have hosted these events the great success they’ve had. And, it was a chance for us to show some planners who may not be familiar with our hotel what our hotel looks like after our renovation. Judging by the attendance that we had today, it was extremely successful. My sales managers have had great things to say about the trade shows they’ve attended. We’ve only done the ones here in Atlanta, but both of them have booked at least a couple of programs each, which will pay for our Plan Your Meetings program for the next 10 years. So the ROI’s been outstanding for us. The PYM staff are so great to work with. They really believe it’s a partnership, so whenever we’ve needed them for anything, they’ve been extremely helpful and extremely responsive. We couldn’t ask for a better partnership.” — Ray Robichaud, Director of Sales & Marketing, The Westin Atlanta Airport

“I’ve heard from two meeting planners who attended the PYM Show this week….and they loved it!   Sorry we couldn’t be a part of the show but count us in for the next Atlanta show in September.  By the way, I met a planner 4 years ago at a PYM event and we’ve become PYM trade show buddies…..we always visit during your shows.   As a result, she has just booked a beautiful piece of business at Sandestin during our shoulder season!!!  It’s all about planting seeds and nurturing the garden, right?” — Nancy Wilkerson, Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

“PYM has been working with the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center for the past year now and we have attended many of their trade shows that has increased not only our exposure within the area and industry but given us many leads for potential business. They are very flexible and easy to work with which, as everyone in the industry knows, is crucial in the present economy we work in. With their services, we have increased our sales reach with our current efforts and this is noticed in current sales. We have also utilized their print advertisements and other prospecting tools for a consistent push to maximize sales.  I highly recommend this company. — Gordon Palm, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hilton Atlanta / Marietta Hotel & Conference Center

PYM staff

“Please thank the team. My partnership with PYM is the most valuable one I have. Seriously.” — Mary Hutchcraft, Reunion Resort

The Greater Birmingham CVB has had the distinct pleasure or working with the highly professional PYM Team since 2004. Each year, PYM improves their posture on the LIVE Events and Town Hall meetings. We have also had the pleasure of utilizing PYM’s team on Birmingham’s Annual Fright Night, FAM Trips and, most recently, Birmingham’s client luncheon at One Ninety One Club in Atlanta. When we called [our PYM sales contact] to see if they would like to get involved with us, without hesitation she said ‘yes’ and ‘this is how we will assist you’! We have far exceeded our expectations of meeting qualified decision makers, RFPs and group bookings for our hotels.” — Barry Hoehn, Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Plan Your Meetings does their homework! Each trade show has a different theme, a different location and different attendees. The one constant is the level of service provided by the staff at Plan Your Meetings. The intimate atmosphere creates the perfect setting for speaking with each of the meeting planners in attendance. A bag is always provided for collecting business cards, so I can start my follow-up as soon as I return to the office. Following the show, Plan Your Meetings provides me with a list of planners that have specifically requested additional information about my property. Throughout the entire process I feel Plan Your Meetings is honored I am in attendance and truly wants me to succeed!” — Stephanie McAdams, Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree

PYM LIVE events

“THANK YOU! [Hosting PYM LIVE] was an amazing experience. So far we have already received three RFPs as a direct result…now that’s ROI!!!!” — Malinda Harrell, CMP, CASE, Associate Director of Sales, Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau

“The WOW Factory decided to launch its new event marketing product offering, EnterAction, at a local trade show, and selected Plan Your Meetings for its high caliber of attendee and quality of education. Suffice it to say, we will be exhibiting at every opportunity from here on with PYM. Our booth was absolutely slammed the entire event with planners who were truly interested in us helping them. We had five corporate planners ask us to follow up with them, and only 24 hours later we have closed business from the event. PYM tradeshows pay for themselves ten-fold  if you show up and do your part. Way to go, PYM!” — Stacey Ruth Actio Marketing (formerly the WOW Factory)

“As an exhibitor at PYM LIVE Chicago Event, I spoke to more qualified planners in one hour than I have at other all-day hospitality industry events in the past five years. This event was great for me. I am walking away with three qualified leads, and am heading back to my office now to complete an RFP a planner just submitted to me after meeting me here. Thank you PYM.” — Arn Ahlstrom, CMP, Navy Pier Sales and Events

“I really enjoyed the show and came back to Austin this week and had sales calls with six people that I met there.  Thanks for the list of attendees.  That is very helpful!” — Lauren Dunnaway, CTA, Double Diamond Resorts

“Adam, our Events Director, attended the PYM event in Austin and he was extremely impressed.  I’m making arrangements for him to attend the one in San Antonio.” — Liz Cook, Oasis

“I enjoyed the show and felt it was a productive event. I gained exposure to 25+ meeting planners in the Denver market, as well as valuable trade show experience in an intimate setting featuring active dialogue. I was able to educate meeting industry professionals regarding opportunities available at Harrah’s and Harveys. In general, I promoted South Lake Tahoe as a destination and built relationships within my market.  Thank you.” — Dave Goldstein, Harrah’s & Harveys Lake Tahoe

“Thanks to you and your team for the PYM LIVE Event in Austin, Texas, on April 7, 2009. This was undoubtedly one of the best shows I have attended in a long time. The face-to-face time I got to experience with decision makers and planners was like a week-long trip of sales calls in one day. You can bet that I will make every effort to attend the shows in Houston and Dallas this year. Since advertising with your publication, we have seen a steady flow of leads coming through the Web site. I hope to continue working with PYM in the future and helping me grow my business.” — Ray Martinez, SeaWorld San Antonio

“I am so glad we came back into the Plan Your Meeting program! [It's] only a few days after PYM’s LIVE 2009 Atlanta event and we have had two site inspections, with two more planned within a week. The two that have come in look very positive!” — Perry Tarleton, Crowne Plaza Ravina

“I enjoyed our conversation yesterday and appreciate the time you gave me knowing how busy you were in executing the event. I walked away from the show with two promising prospects and a site inspection commitment from one planner I have been trying to get to the resort for some time. I left feeling good about the investment Sandestin made in the show and PYM.” — Nancy Wilkerson, Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

“Congrats on a great show. With these PYM Events, I know the primary focus is the planner/supplier connection. This focus has given me the face-time I need with planners. Your shows draw the quality planners we’re seeking. When I attend a PYM LIVE Event, I know that I will not only meet new planners, but will also have direct contact with them. This really speaks to me as a supplier. PYM understands my needs, and knows how to deliver results to get the job done efficiently and effectively. You really get it!” — Mary Anne Kinnucan, Auburn Marriott Opelika Hotel & Conference Center at Grand National

“The PYM event that was held in Marietta was a true success story for us at the Emerald Grande!  I truly feel like the planners who attended were great contacts for us to make and I have sent out two proposals and have three site visits that I have confirmed.  We appreciate all the help that PYM provides the Emerald Grande and I am looking forward to the Dallas show!” — Frank Sandro, Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village

“I recently attended a Plan Your Meetings Live event in Atlanta. It was our first time attending a PYM event. I was very impressed at the number of meeting planners in attendance and the fact that all planners where encouraged to spend as much time as possible on the trade show floor. All PYM staff was friendly and accessible throughout the event. I was unable to attend the reception that followed the trade show, upon my return home, I had an email waiting for me from Plan Your Meetings with a planners contact information who had expressed an interest in the  Daytona Beach area. The planner and I were able to meet in Daytona Beach with in a week of attending the Plan Your Meetings Live event. The Daytona Beach Area CVB is looking forward to the next Plan Your Meetings trade show!” — Linda McMahon, Daytona Beach CVB

“I am now working with [a planner] I met at the PYM Live event. She’s bringing at least 100 people to a show this summer. I’ve also had several calls about booking a group for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. The Plan Your Meetings LIVE Event was full of opportunities for me to let people in the meeting planning industry know about creative ways to entertain as well as opportunities to [incentivize] employees.  Thank you all for a great event!” — Jamie Vosmeier, The Fox Theatre

“PYM does a wonderful job of getting the planners to the event, which allows us time to visit and find out their meeting needs. I have really enjoyed my relationships with PYM and I am so happy that I will be able to see y’all again in 2010! Y’all are a fun group!” — Kimball Matthews, Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau, The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

“[We've had] very good response for our two resorts from the planners attending the show last week. We are working several active leads that were generated and will be following with many others moving forward. See you at the next LIVE Event!” — Dave Gleim, Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa and Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club

“The clients that come out to the [PYM] shows are the type of clients we are always looking for!” — Rachel Cain, South Shore Harbour Resort & Conference Center

“I must say the event was ‘Outstanding’ — many serious, valuable accounts were present.” — Steve Lowe, Harrahs & Harvey’s Lake Tahoe

“We hosted the September 2008 LIVE Atlanta event and booked at least three pieces of business from the event. What a great return on our investment in being a part of the PYM program and Hosting a LIVE Event!” — Julie Bilecky, Villa Christina/The Retreat of Dunwoody

“It was a GREAT event. So good to see all of those corporate planners there!” — Cathy Rowe-Desroches, Atlanta TASTE

“Thank you again for the opportunity to let me share about my Plan Your Meeting experience. As I explained before, our sales managers are required to do several trade shows throughout the country each year. We spend a great deal of time, money and energy to research and book these events and then ‘hope’ that they meet our expectation. Well, we were certainly pleased to discover the value of Plan Your Meeting! It would be an understatement to only say that it was well organized. From the time of arrive to departure your team was on top of everything. We observed how very attentive you were to not only our every need but to all the other participating vendors. We were also so impressed with your list of attendees. It was great to have people lined up at our table waiting to talk to us. They were there for a specific purpose ….to get information and book business. What a great reward to have my first request for a proposal at 9 a.m. and then receive another call upon returning to my office that afternoon! Now, that’s what I call a successful trade show! Lastly, I must mention that I think it’s the little things that make us great. It may not have seemed like much to you but it was FABULOUS for me to receive my personalized company name tag that was lost at your show returned to me in the mail today. Please keep us on the vendor list for your next show. We certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to work with you again. Gratefully yours…” — Cathy Hood, Dolce Atlanta Peachtree

I love the new format of PYM LIVE Events, where we have a networking luncheon. This is a much better use of our time as suppliers and increases our ROI with exposure to the potential clients. Thanks!  — Karen Fogle, CMP, CTA, Plano CVB

PlanYourMeetings.com and digital programs

“Thanks for your help … we are finally ‘fleshing out’ our meeting-specific Web site. We are definitely seeing increased Web traffic from your site.” — Daryl Whitworth, Fredericksburg CVB

“The e-mail blasts and surveys are a plus!” — Pamela Watkins, Beaches of South Walton

Plan Your Meetings annual guide

“I was making sales calls in Atlanta and had some extra time after one of my appointments. I noticed the name of a company that we have been trying to get into for quite a while. I told the salesperson I was with (and training) that we were going to make a cold call. As we made our way to the reception area, I introduced myself and who I was with – and told her we would love to talk with anyone in their office that plans meetings. That is when I expected to hear, ‘I’m sorry, but you need an appointment, leave your card and someone will call you.’ To my surprise, the receptionist’s face lit up as she pulled a magazine from under her desk. She had been reading PYM and found the gatefold ad my property collection had in that issue. She said, ‘This is you? I’ve been reading about you all morning, your properties are beautiful!’ She went on to give me the contact list for every person that plans meetings in that office and within the Southeast. It was a great visit. On the way out, I had to remind the new sales person that cold calls almost NEVER happen that way … unless you are advertising with PYM!” — Shannon Johnson, Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa